Forget about the outside world and be fully engaged with the people right next to you – these moments are increasingly rare but invaluable.

Immerse yourself in the healing tranquility of Nordic Serenity

Make your way onto the all year around outdoor spa and let an open-air hot tub revitalize you as you take in the surrounding elements. Looking for more? Explore your own personal relaxation through your senses in the wood-fired sauna. Inspired by the swedish woods you´ll find scents, sounds and materials 

by nature.


Outdoor hot tub - every day all day
Sauna - pre-book sessions for

an additional cost

Tranquil exhales and calming sensations

As our attention spans are eroded by never ending barrage of entertainment it´s rare to find a space where everyone is present. The sauna is one of the last remaining spaces where phones are forgotten and wifi is worthless. We enter the sauna and we are left with one source of entertainment, each other. 

As our seasons changes we also change the fragrance composition inspired by the true essence of Nordic nature.

All our essential oils is made in Finland and comes natural as fresh birch in spring and dewy juniper during the autumn. All high-quality and nature friendly based products.