For a restorative and pampered home-away-from-home experience

Welcome to one of our favourite places on the planet. A family-owned peaceful hollow called Lugnet.

Retreat to the comfort of the modern, picturesque cabin with private spa inviting you to relax and recharge after a day of outdoor adventure.

Located in Bjärme, Östersund

  Leave the rush behind and experience the luxury of stillness, surrounded by nature’s calls.

Right between the citylife of Östersund and pristine wilderness of the Oviken mountains  you will find Lugnet in the beautiful backcountry.

The cabin has a modern Scandinavian feel to it and you'll have plenty of square meters to enjoy. You´ll have your own wooden deck  for your morningcoffee aswell for late nights stargazing. 

Soak in the serenity of in your private hot tub or pre-book the wooden sauna for a meditative steam.

Being sustainable is a part of our philosophy


Provided by Jämtkraft wich produce power from renewable sources since it was founded back in 1889. 


Made by high-quality wood products from Jämtland without any chemical treatments. 


From Lugnet you have easy access to pristine wilderness and outdoor adventures.