Photograph: Göran Strand

Paddle along the shores of Storsjön, explore the sami culture and walk in the footsteps of St. Olav. Go foraging or find savory restaurants deeply inspired by our unique location.

.Jämtland has it all and add to that - world class ski tracks.


Östersund as a vibrant city centre, a unique atmosphere, and a heart that beats for everybody. It is a city where tradition goes hand-in-hand with diversity and optimism. Markets that have been attracting people for centuries nowadays intertwine with prestigious international sporting and cultural events.

Östersund is a city where the words ‘local’ and ‘global’ often refer to the same thing, not least when it comes to the region’s dynamic food crafts. The City of Östersund, along with the Region of Jämtland Härjedalen, has been a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy’ since 2010.

In Östersund people know that work is important but they value leisure time just that slight bit more - fun note is that probebly everyone here own a shelljacket or five (!!) or please prove me the diffrent. Paddle along the shores of Lake Storsjön, go shopping in consious manners before a concert, or a sumptuous dinner at an award-winning restaurant?

Visit Östersund Tourist Center will help you to get the best experience out of your visit in Östersund.



Explore life off the beaten track by heading out to the backcountry. Plan an enhanced day-trip to the places where mother nature reigns and reconnect with the stirring rush of nature.

Jämtland is long known for it´s boreal forests, vast wilderness framed with lakes, streams and neverending luscious agriculture.

With little time and endless of tracks it can be hard to know where to begin. I would love for you to get to know Sara & Sofie´s platform where they share thier love for Jämtland County. All content is made by them with help from locals creating a great platform with everything there is to discover - don´t miss their "Bucketlists"


Photograph: Sverker Berggren