Sustainable development

Photograph: Håkan Wike

Functions and details has been assessed for their circular capabilities. 

In our quest to become climate friendly we choose:

  • A power agreement that provides us with 100% of renewable energy.

  • To build a wellnesarea wich is made by high-quality wood products from nearby area and without any chemical treatments. 

  • To sustainably source our foods, support local farms and use products that is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • To collaborate with small companies that fully have responsibility for the entire production chain.

  • To support our surrounding communities through tourism that can be defined as the ”country experience” which encompasses a wide range of attractions and activities that take place in agricultural or non-urban areas.


“A new era starts now. A new way to travel, meaningful and conscious, with experiences that enrich both the traveller and the destination.”

- 2022 Visit Sweden


Distant places attract travelers both from a safety and an experience perspective. There, the visitor can without big crowds and the experiences feel more authentic, unique and exclusive when they done alone. This also drives a desire at travelers to find and visit the places that are "untouched" by many people.

The purpose of the project "Hållbar företagsverksamhet inom besöksnäringen" is to preserve and to develop comfortable safe natural escapism and support the development of tourism in.  Bjärme has great potential for developing as an rural area in Jämtland and was granted fundings from the the rural development program. The program is part of the EU's strategy for smart and sustainable growth.